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2000's proof sets


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2010 proof set

2000 proof set

2000 silver proof set

2000 state quarters proof set

2001 proof set

2001 silver proof set

2001 state quarters proof set

2002 proof set

2002 silver proof set

2002 state quarters proof set

2003 proof set

2003 state quarter proof set

2004 proof set

2004 silver proof set

2004 state quarters proof set

2005 proof set

2005 silver proof set

2005 state quarter proof set

2006 proof set

2006 silver proof set

2006 state quarters proof set

2006 silver state quarters proof set

2007 proof set

2007 silver proof set

2007 state quarter proof set

2007 silver state quarter proof set

2007 presidential dollar proof set

2008 proof set

2008 silver proof set

2008 state quarter proof set

2008 silver state quarter proof set

2008 presidential dollar proof set

2009 silver proof set

2009 territorial quarter proof set

2009 silver territorial quarter proof set

2009 presidential dollars proof set

2009 Lincoln cent proof set


2000's proof set information

The new century saw a huge increase in the amount of coins in a proof set and the number of proof products the US mint offered for sale. Starting in 2000, the proof sets each contained five state quarters. the mint produced both clad proof sets and silver proof sets. They offered both clad and silver state quarter proof sets separately as well as part of the regular proof sets. The State quarter series ended in 2008. In 2009, the U.S territories quarters were introduced as an extension of the state quarters program. In 2007, the presidential dollars were introduced, adding an additional four coins per year. The presidential dollars were included in the regular proof sets as well as a separate presidential dollars proof set. In 2009, the Lincoln memorial reverse was replaced with four different designs celebrating the life of Abraham Lincoln. The new Lincoln cents were minted in copper, the same as the original composition of 1909. They were included in the 2009 proof sets and were also sold in special four-coin sets.